Benzaclin and / or Benzamycin [benzamycin] [benzaclin]

Ok, Im going to get one of these two creams to apply in the mornings. Can anyone tell me what are the texture of these topicals? Is a clear gel?

Accutane or Retin-A? [whiteheads] [accutane]

Ok . So Im finally deciding to go to a derm to find a way to blackheads outta my pores. I hear a lot about Accutane and Retin-A. Im not really that much pimples. Only the black and whiteheads. Which of the two rules that would best help the problem?

Fast way to a left on Mark Fade [forehead] [burst]

Hello everyone,
I hope you all have a nice Christmas Anyway, a few days before Christmas I managed to get a really big spot on my head, The place has since burst, and I no longer any pain from it, everything I have left is the usual pink brand, it does fade with time, I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to accelerate the blurring of time? or did I just sit it out, Im currently moisturizing the area as often as I can.
Any good tips would be appreciated.

Guns mich . you still around girl? [daily routine]

I come back every few months to check on the shelves because so much of my daily routine for a while. I am amazed at all the new names, but to recognize a few of the old. Just have not seen anything from you, and I was wondering how youre doing.

A month Tazorac 0.05% + Bactrum, and still major breakouts? [bactrum] [tazorac]

I am much worse than before I Tazorac. My face is very bumpy now – sooner rather smooth, but now it is so bumpy. Im starting to break near my jaw line more and more. My face just looks worse.

I thought it would be an improvement in the month, but it is not – AT ALL. Im really becoming frustrated. Does anyone have any positive stories that convince me that the stuff would actually work?

clean and clear product results [industrial strength] [acne]

I use a clean and clear for about 2 weeks now and it really has not done a thing for me, my face actually broke out a small lake with only small white heads here and there, but exactly the same as before, I know it pushes white heads on your skin and cleans it so im going to give it 2 weeks and see where im at. I bought the industrial strength fourmula acne, and my routine is to wash my face with soap in the morning and then I was the night is over with the soap of fourmula, or as instructed soa

Denver Gal – hows the Yasmin? [cp serum] [jojoba oil]

Just wondering how it goes. For me not so good. Call the dermy today and he suggested the use Tazorac two to four minutes to wash the face at night . then the jojoba oil, and then I try cp serum. Although Im not sure about the latter first, because I hate too much at once. Im pretty depressed. Cheeks Im still clearing a few under the skin and nothing has worked to bring them. Even the Jojoba oil. I can not believe that it is almost 10 weeks on the pill and I m still breaking out. I go for about

Can anyone answer a question on scars? [scar gels] [scars]

Ive been reading a few posts lately on laser, microdermabrasion, etc and wanted to know if any of these procedures can improve raised scars. Does anyone know? I think mine were keloids (on my shoulders). Ive tried to scar gels, etc, but wondered whether one of these other things might work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

Facial Peel Nuetrogena [walmart]

I saw this Walmart the other day for 24.99 . anyone facial skin have not tried?

Retin A micro / Journal Zithromax [retin a micro gel] [pledgets]

Ok, well I get my progress . I am starting post Clindamycin Pledgets in mourning, Zithromax 250 mg once daily for one month, then every other day after that (the pharmacist said it seemed very strong to be using such a powerful drug that intense, but oh lets hope it works) and Retin-A micro gel at night. My complexion is currently about 10 active pimples, cysts no power, red spots, and about 100 small come down near my my chin with my mouth that are the color of my skin. Does anyone have any com